for We All Fall Down:
"Stands out as one of the clearest and most in-depth examinations of the financial crisis to date, providing a historical and insider perspective that has been absent from most media reports. It is invaluable for anyone who wants to truly understand how we got into this mess. Highly recommended."
- Kristin Aguilera, Editor, Financial History Magazine
"A concise documentary portrait... Illustrated with graphs, charts and archival footage, the film is a steal for educational purposes."
- Rob Nelson, Variety
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"This film is for everyone who saw their retirement funds and their home values drop but don't understand how such a massive meltdown could have happened... takes you on the trip down the rabbit hole to see all the pieces of the puzzle... Highly Recommended."
- Educational Media Reviews Online
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"Stocklin has an insider's understanding of the issues... a hot story to tell – and a first-hand perspective."
- Marsha Lederman, Globe and Mail
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"Eine erstklassige Erklarung der Grossen Rezession."
- Moritz Koch, Suddeutsche Zeitung
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"Timely... an informative primer... Offering a clear, concise, and at times emotionally wrenching explanation of a national tragedy, this is recommended."
- F. Swietek, Video Librarian
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"Timely as front-page news... This eye-opening documentary helps clarify the current crisis."
- Booklist
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"Damning in [its] criticism of the financial industry and the lack of government regulation, showing scene after scene of the carnage wrought by defaults and evictions on once-proud neighborhoods... accessible to wide audiences... highly recommended for all libraries."
- Library Journal
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"Excellent... provides the background to understand how the financial crisis became a world-wide economic crisis... More significantly, its shows the 'human dimension' of the crisis... a very useful documentary."
- Leonardo , On-Line Reviews
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CINE Golden Eagle 2009
for We All Fall Down
Chris Award 2009
for We All Fall Down
Telly Awards 2009
in four categories
for We All Fall Down
Best Short Film 2010
Big Apple Film Festival
for The Position